Contemporary Landscape Artist

Travelling extensively along the West Coast and throughout Western Canada provides an infinite source of material from which I derive the inspiration for my work. The connection I feel to the land is indescribable and my passion is to capture my emotions in paint. Re-tracing the pathway created by the Group of Seven forms a solid basis from which I draw and learn about the incredible potential this landscape holds. Lawren Harris and Emily Carr both give me great aspiration to chase what I love and dream what I dare.


One focus of mine is to always look back, so I never forget where I have been and at the same time consider how I can make a difference. Art gives my life great balance and once I have completed an image I can walk away, it is the process of painting that gives me happiness. I have had the opportunity to give back through donations to Vancouver General Hospital, BC Childrens Hopsital (Holiday Card Program), Variety Club Children's Charity Auction, Art for Life, Canadian Cancer Agency, Victoria Orchestra Symphony and others and it fills my heart with pride.

Visual Expression

Large format canvas allows me to express my ideas more clearly. Having the freedom to move around the canvas and explain how I see the landscape becomes easier and clearer on this scale. The luxury of allowing myself to paint what I love is very meaningful and I feel fortunate to have discovered this attribute.

 Vancouver ·  Victoria ·  Whistler ·  Banff ·  Jasper