Kimoto Gallery | Moments InBetween | June 25 - July 18, 2015

The time in between life events is filled full of vague memories and faded, invisible moments, seemingly insubstantial. These times are usually forgotten and we are regrettably unable to recall these lost experiences. When I travel along the West Coast from place to place, I find that the beauty in between destinations is simply the most stunning. Often, I will pull over to photograph or paint en plein air and just enjoy the adventure of exploring the beautiful BC coastline. Searching for material to compose landscapes changes the purpose of my travel and the importance is no longer on the destination, but is actually the parts along the way, the journey itself. Seeing the moments in between gives me a sense of renewed and deeper connection to the landscape and a feeling of profound calmness. It is the beauty of the moment in the landscape that I search for and discover on these excursions and when I find it, I try to live in and enjoy the very moment. My goal with the paintings is to hopefully evoke the feeling and illuminate these captured moments back on to the canvas to be treasured.